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  • S.A. Media is one of the most comprehensive press cutting services offering you access to a database consisting of more than 3 million newspaper reports and periodical articles which have been indexed on computer since 1978;
  • the press cuttings are judiciously selected, expertly analysed and made available online for information and research by means of the latest computer technology;
  • close on 108 000 press reports are added to the system annually which keeps you abreast of developments in the political, economic, social, labour and cultural aspects of society;
  • S.A. Media offers
    - viewpoints of the public and private sectors on contemporary affairs;
    - approaches of experts and the opinions of the man in the street;
    - statistics and researched articles;
    - representative perspectives of the various press groups;
  • saves you time as newspaper and periodical research is time consuming;
  • ensures that amidst the information explosion focused information searches can be done to achieve informed decision-making.
For further information and details, please contact mrs. Hester v.d. Berg at telephone number 051-4012305.